Pitchin Crybaby Bridge Added To Ohio Crybaby Bridge Project

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to get excited: The Pitchin Crybaby Bridge has officially been added to the Project!

Why all the excitement? Well, let’s just say that when I first launched the Ohio Crybaby Bridge Project, Pitchin wasn’t on the list. That’s because I had absolutely no information on it. Truth be told, I didn’t even know it existed, despite my having compiled a database of over 1,800 alleged haunted locations in Ohio. I didn’t have a single scrap of information about this Pitchin Bridge in my files.

That when you all stepped in. You not only alerted me to the fact that the bridge existed, but you also shared your stories about the bridge with me. The result was that not only did the Pitchin Crybaby Bridge get added to the list, but it is currently the entry with the most personal experiences attached to it.

You can read all the personal experiences and more here. As always, if it’s your first visit to the Ohio Crybaby Bridge Project, might I suggest you visit the Project’s home page to get yourself acquainted with the background, scope and purpose of this little strange and spooky labor of love of mine!

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  1. Years ago my friend & I were at the crybaby bridge in Pitchin ohio, we live roughly 15 minutes from the small town, so we went out there around 11pm it was warm, we both were recoding, now with our ears all we could hear was quietness but nature. When we asked a series of questions & played back our findings were we’re both shocked to hear church music playing, no words just the music. We both looked at each other and had said we didn’t hear a thing. I will never forget that night. I travel out there often & it’s just drier, something keeps pulling me back. Definitely go check it out but be safe.

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