Dan Really IS The Man!


My friend, Dan Stout, has a blog. And if you like the weird stuff on my blog, you should go read Dan’s. There’s weird stuff there, too. That’s because Dan’s weird like me. For example:

  • Our last “Movie Night” consisted of nothing more than Chinese takeout, beer, and 3 hours of movie trailers
  • We once spent the better part of an hour bitching about how we sat in the 2nd row of the Splatter Zone for Evil Dead: The Musical and barely got any blood on us

  • Dan is convinced one of my neighbors is none other than Father Merrin from The Exorcist
  • He’s always trying to creep me out with tales involving spider goats

Beware the Spider Goats!
–snagged from Dan’s site, who got it from Ashley Burke/CDC

So go give Dan’s blog a read. And be sure to tell him Weird Willis sent you!

Dan Stout’s Website: An Amalgam of Random Doings


Field Trip #2 Recap: The First of a Double Shot O’ Museums


I knew from the start that this road trip was going to be different. For one, I was planning on driving to the Friday investigation, driving back home in the wee hours of Saturday morning, sleeping a couple of hours, then heading back out for Saturday’s investigation. The reason for my returning home, and the other reason why this would be a unique road trip, was because this would be the first investigation for my daughter, Courtney. Yup, that’s right! I was dragging my daughter along for an investigation! She’d survived the Ohio Paranormal Convention, so I felt the time was right. How’d it turn out? Well, before we get to that, there’s the Friday investigation to get to.

CD selection–Pink Floyd: Wish You Were Here, Cracker: Kerosene Hat, Warren Zevon: Mutineer, Queensryche: The Warning, Metallica: Master Of Puppets

As usual, the Friday investigation began late Thursday night with my jamming all the equipment into Ol’ Blue. After a somewhat hectic day at work, I drove directly up to the investigation. Thankfully, this particular location was not too far away and I was able to make it up there by 4:00 pm. The building itself has a rather interesting history. It was once a private home but has since been turned into a museum. After interviewing some of the employees, it seemed as though most people who had experienced possible paranormal activity believed a former resident of the house was causing it and it was not tied to any specific items that might have been brought into the museum. For that, I was thankful! Having conducted many “haunted object” investigations over the years, I find them to be the most frustrating, especially when you don’t know which object is supposed to be the haunted one. It’s like looking for a ghostly needle in a spectral haystack.

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