Dan Really IS The Man!

My friend, Dan Stout, has a blog. And if you like the weird stuff on my blog, you should go read Dan’s. There’s weird stuff there, too. That’s because Dan’s weird like me. For example:

  • Our last “Movie Night” consisted of nothing more than Chinese takeout, beer, and 3 hours of movie trailers
  • We once spent the better part of an hour bitching about how we sat in the 2nd row of the Splatter Zone for Evil Dead: The Musical and barely got any blood on us

  • Dan is convinced one of my neighbors is none other than Father Merrin from The Exorcist
  • He’s always trying to creep me out with tales involving spider goats
Beware the Spider Goats!
–snagged from Dan’s site, who got it from Ashley Burke/CDC

So go give Dan’s blog a read. And be sure to tell him Weird Willis sent you!

Dan Stout’s Website: An Amalgam of Random Doings

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