New Addition To The Museum: Boy With The Leaking Boot Trading Card


You’ll notice right off the bat that the photo above doesn’t bear that cheesy “shot all crooked against a black backdrop” look that most of the other items in The Strange & Spooky Museum have. That’s because this item was so small, I needed to scan it in so you could bask in all its glorious details.

This piece is about the size of your standard trading card. In fact, it’s part of a set that was released by Dart Flipcards in 1995 in conjunction with Hershey Food Corporation. Taking a peek at the back of the card, you can see that the set was called Hershey’s Trading Cards: The Collector’s Series and that this particular card was #42 in the set:

I did a little digging online and found that this set consisted of 100 cards and was released to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of Hershey’s. As for the cards themselves, they feature all the different tasty treats Hershey’s has offered over the years. Oh yeah, and one infamous boy with a leaking boot!

You can get some additional information on the card set here.

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New Addition To The Museum: Boy With The Leaking Boot Ceramic Plate



Nice little ceramic plate depicting the Cleethorpes, England statue. No date or other markings on the back of the plate.

Personally, the Cleethorpes statue is one of my favorite versions of the statue. For one, Cleethorpes has really embraced their Boy and have chosen to put his image on a wide variety of merchandise. So of course, that’s a dream come true for freakish collectors like me! I also like that this particular statue is unique in that its name never varies: it’s always referred to as the “boy with the leaking boot”. Most of the other statues across the world drop the “leaking” bit.

Finally, I love the fact that this statue is in England, so it really throws a wrench into the theories of those still clinging to the idea that the original version was created because during the Civil War, a boy once carried water inside his boot to dying soldiers on the battlefield.

Check out an assortment of other Boy with the Boot memorabilia, leaking and otherwise, in the Boy with the Boot section of the Strange and Spooky Museum.

New Addition To The Museum: Boy With The Boot Metal Statue



This magnificent, albeit crudely painted, metal statue of the Boy with the Boot, was a gift from my wife.  The sticker on the base of the statue reads: “Boy with the leaking boot – Hershey – PA”. While the sticker is clearly not original, it does appear as though whoever painted the statue used the Hershey, PA version as a model. I say this because, to date, the Hershey statue is the only one I’ve found that has the boy’s shirt painted blue.

Check out an assortment of other Boy with the Boot memorabilia in the Boy with the Boot section of the Strange and Spooky Museum.


The Top 10 Strange And Spooky Of 2013


Happy new year!

One of the things I enjoy doing on New Year’s Day is looking back at the stats for my blog. I really get a kick out of seeing not only what people were typing into search engines to end up here, but also which stories were the most popular. For the most part, stats for particular pages will be really high right out of the gate and then decline over time as it becomes “old news”. Same with the search terms. Still, for every random The Tokoloshe He Eat My Dog, there were several terms and phrases that kept popping up time and time again.

So here they are (in reverse order to build suspense): The Top 10 Search Terms for 2013:

10.    Mothman
Over 1,000 people landed on my site searching for Mothman, which is interesting to me since apart from a   couple of mentions of my appearing at various Mothman Festivals over the years and the Mothman Plush in my Museum, I don’t have that much stuff on my blog about Mothman.
9.     Eggshelland
Still can’t believe that Eggshelland is gone. 
8.     Paul Is Dead
Since this conspiracy is well over 40 years old, it makes me smile to see that so many people are still intrigued with it!
7.     Ghost Sightings
With all my strange and spooky stuff, good to know people still come to me for what started it all: ghosts.  
6.     Strange And Spooky World
There was a huge number of hits from this term in October, no doubt caused by my presentations and public appearances. 
5.     Amanda Berry
When the whole Amanda Berry/Sylvia Browne thing blew up, I couldn’t keep up with all the hits to my site. It died down shortly afterwards, only to spike again when Browne passed away later in November of 2013. 
4.     What Is A Tokoloshe
I’m still asking myself that very question!
3.     Fiji Mermaid
I get at least 5 e-mails a month from people asking me if the mermaid I have in my museum is real. I simply tell them I can see it sitting on my shelf, so of course it’s real!
2.     Tokoloshe
To be honest, I was a little surprised this wasn’t #1. And it wasn’t even close.
1.     Big Butter Jesus 
Guess it doesn’t matter if you call him Touchdown Jesus, Cream Cheese Jesus, Terminator Jesus, or even the 5-Dollar Footlong Jesus. Folks just can’t get enough of that giant weird statue alongside I-75 North.

So what were the top 10 stories/posts from 2013? Glad you asked! BTW, you can click on them if you need to do a little catchup reading.

10.  The Final Eggshelland


9.    Roadside Oddities

Centralia Road

8.    The Museum

Ghost Town Assayer Office

7.    My Books


6.    The Boy With The Boot

boy with boot figure stamp

5.    The Paul McCartney Death Clues

OPP Badge

4.    ONW: In 2004, Sylvia Browne Told Amanda Berry Mother Her Daughter Was “Not Alive


3.    My Strange & Spooky World Is Coming To Oxford, Ohio


2.    What Magical Spell Did Ghost Adventures Cast Over Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery?

--via the Travel Channel

1.    Behold the Power of Hug Me Jesus

Apparently, Jesus will even welcome highway speeders with open arms. (via Fox 19)

And there you have it. Happy 2014! Hope it is a strange and spooky one!

The Virtual Doors to the Strange & Spooky Museum Will Swing Open This Week


It has been a long time coming (and thanks for your patience), but the time has finally come: The Strange & Spooky Museum is set to open up this week! It’s still a work in progress, so it will open up a little at a time, with at least 4 “wings” of the Museum to be fully open by this Sunday, February 10th.  As the wings open up, you will be able to access them directly simply by clicking on “The Museum” at the top of this page, which will activate a drop-down menu so you can jump right to the wing of your choice.

And with this grand opening, I’m asking all my readers to help grow the Museum. You can do this in one of two ways. First, since the Museum is made up of a collection of items that I have a personal connection with, I want you to share YOUR personal connection to them, too. Let’s face it; I can’t be the only one out there who is obsessed with The Boy with the Boot. And surely, there are many of you who got the chance to ride the ferris wheel at Chippewa Lake Park when it was still in operation. So let me know about it and I will, in turn, add your story to the Museum (giving you full credit, of course). In this way, we’re not only growing the Museum, but also making sure the people and places within are never forgotten.

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This October, Take A Peek Inside The Strange & Spooky Museum


Running a distant second behind requests for more information about the tokoloshe are e-mails asking me where one can go to see the contents of my Strange & Spooky Museum. Up until now, the answer has always been “nowhere”. But all that’s going to change beginning October 1st, 2012.

To the uninitiated, my Strange & Spooky Museum is a collection of odd things I have collected over the many years traveling across the United States in search of all things strange and spooky. And when I say “odd things”, I mean it!

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Want to Contribute to the Strange and Spooky Museum?


With so many references throughout this blog to my Strange and Spooky Museum, I thought it might be a good idea to take some time to explain just what the purpose of my museum is…as well as how you just might be able to make some cash by getting rid of something that’s currently just collecting dust in your basement!

The idea behind my museum is simple: to preserve pieces and parts of Ohio’s strange and spooky history for generations to come. My hope is to one day be able to display all these items in some sort of public forum, just like a regular museum. The one exception being that the Strange and Spooky Museum will focus on the more offbeat aspects of Ohio history.

You see, there was a time when roadside oddities like Mystery Spots, Blue Holes, and just generally weird places thrived. Heck, some of us can ever remember being dragged to these places by our parents and/or grandparents. We even bought souvenirs, just to prove that we had indeed witnessed the world’s largest pile of paper clips or the two-headed cow.

Sadly, many of these locations have fallen under the Wheels of Progress and are no more. Even some more modern sites like Chippewa Lake Park and Germain Amphitheater have recently disappeared, taking a lifetime of memories with them.

But that’s where you can help! I want each and every one of you to start digging through your basements and garages and see what you’ve got lying around that you might be willing to part with. I don’t care what the condition is, either. If it’s related to something strange, spooky, or just plain weird, if I don’t already have it, I want it! So take a look around, let me know what you dig up, and let’s talk price! And if it’s too big and bulky and you just want it out of your life, I’ll even make arrangements to come haul it off!

To get you started on your treasure hunt, while I’m generally interested in anything weird that’s related to Ohio, I’m especially interested in original photographs, postcards, newspaper clippings, souvenirs, and pretty much anything associated with the following:

  • Ohio carnivals, festivals, fairs, and sideshows (brochures, banners, prizes, bits and pieces of rides/displays/exhibits, etc)
  • Ohio spook shows (tickets, posters, photos, etc.)
  • Ohio amusement parks, especially defunct ones like Chippewa Lake Park, Geneva-On-The-Lake, and Idora Park (souvenirs, brochures, postcards, etc)
  • Ohio asylums, especially the Athens Mental Asylum (“The Ridges”)
  • Ohio cryptids (Bigfoot casts, Lake Erie Monster sightings, Loveland Frog sketches, etc.)

Also, my Museum has special sections devoted to these specific locations/individuals:

  • Ghost Town (roadside attraction originally located in Findlay, Ohio)
  • “Eugene” (Sabina, Ohio)
  • Boy with the Boot statue (from anywhere in the world)
  • World’s Largest Cuckoo Clock (Wilmot, Ohio)
  • Handlebar Ranch (Colerain Township, Ohio)
  • Howard Thurston (“Thurston the Magician”)
  • Blue Hole (Castalia, Ohio)

If you have any materials that you wish to donate, discuss a price with, or simply abandon on my front lawn, please feel free to e-mail me at and I’ll be more than happy to chat about how I can take it off your hands and give it a happy new home in the Strange and Spooky Museum!

Brand New Year, Same Old Obsession


Every January, I make it a point to sit down and come up with a list of new things I want to try to experience in the coming year. As always, most of what I end up writing down has to do with ghosts and the usual assortment of weird things. Case in point, I am totally excited that in 2012, The Ghosts of Ohio will be engaging in a whole slew of experiments related to proving or disproving the validity of such old-school means of contacting the other side as séances, mirror gazing, and ITC. But the more things change, the more they stay the same. And I was only able to make it 3 whole days into 2012 before my latest bit of Boy with the Boot memorabilia made its way into my house.

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