The Virtual Doors to the Strange & Spooky Museum Will Swing Open This Week

It has been a long time coming (and thanks for your patience), but the time has finally come: The Strange & Spooky Museum is set to open up this week! It’s still a work in progress, so it will open up a little at a time, with at least 4 “wings” of the Museum to be fully open by this Sunday, February 10th.  As the wings open up, you will be able to access them directly simply by clicking on “The Museum” at the top of this page, which will activate a drop-down menu so you can jump right to the wing of your choice.

And with this grand opening, I’m asking all my readers to help grow the Museum. You can do this in one of two ways. First, since the Museum is made up of a collection of items that I have a personal connection with, I want you to share YOUR personal connection to them, too. Let’s face it; I can’t be the only one out there who is obsessed with The Boy with the Boot. And surely, there are many of you who got the chance to ride the ferris wheel at Chippewa Lake Park when it was still in operation. So let me know about it and I will, in turn, add your story to the Museum (giving you full credit, of course). In this way, we’re not only growing the Museum, but also making sure the people and places within are never forgotten.

The other way that you can help grow the Museum is by letting me take stuff off your hands! I know that there’s a postcard of Eugene floating around in someone’s attic. Somebody has that bell from Midget Town, too. And there are far too many defunct amusement parks and drive-in theaters in Ohio to think that some of that memorabilia isn’t sitting in someone’s garage, gathering dust. So drop me a line, name your price, and let me give it a good home inside the Strange & Spooky Museum!

Until then, keep an eye on this site (or better yet, follow it by clicking “Follow Me!” over there on the left side of this page.

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