ONW: Man Hacks Into Cincinnati Baby Monitor, Tries To Wake Child Up


Shocking, Earth-shattering news out of the Cincinnati area: if you hook something up to the Internet and don’t take steps to make sure it’s properly password-protected, people might try to hack into it.

OK, sarcasm button switched to “off” for a minute because this is sort of creepy. As Cincinnati’s FOX19 reported in one of their “Investigative Reports” segments, proud parent Heather Schreck was sleeping soundly beside her husband, Adam, when she woke to the sound of a man’s voice, coming from inside her baby’s bedroom.

Heather heard the man repeatedly saying “wake up, baby” and then yelling, as if he was trying to walk the child up. Frightened (and with good reason), Heather woke up Adam, who ran into their child’s room. Finding no one in the room (other than his baby), Adam was confused. That is, until he noticed that the baby monitor/camera was now turning to face him, apparently on its own. At that point, a man’s voice started yelling at Adam through the camera. It was then Adam realized that someone had hacked into their baby monitor/camera.


–from FOX19

Like I said, that’s pretty creepy stuff and it would have freaked me out. But here’s the thing: the Schrecks are using a wireless system that can be accessed remotely from the Internet via everything from cell phones to other computers. So why weren’t they taking steps to prevent such things like, I dunno, maybe password-protecting it? Seems like common sense to me: if you can access something on the Internet, they other people can, too, so it needs a password. Hardly something that merits an “investigative report”.

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Cincinnati UFO Was Just A Skydiving Team


For a few days, it was believed that Southern Ohio was being invaded by aliens from another world. Turns out it was just your average group of Earthlings, engaging in a little nighttime parachute jump…with some pyro.

On Friday, September 29th, a person who goes by the YouTube name galuyasdi, posted two videos of what appeared to be three bright lights in the sky. According to the video description, galuyasdi was returning home from work Friday night when he pulled into a Cincinnati Wal-Mart parking lot, where he and his family (along with several other bystanders) witnessed the lights in the sky. Galuyasdi took one of the videos with his cell phone while the other video was filmed by his daughter, who also used her cell phone.

–via YouTube

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