Cincinnati UFO Was Just A Skydiving Team

For a few days, it was believed that Southern Ohio was being invaded by aliens from another world. Turns out it was just your average group of Earthlings, engaging in a little nighttime parachute jump…with some pyro.

On Friday, September 29th, a person who goes by the YouTube name galuyasdi, posted two videos of what appeared to be three bright lights in the sky. According to the video description, galuyasdi was returning home from work Friday night when he pulled into a Cincinnati Wal-Mart parking lot, where he and his family (along with several other bystanders) witnessed the lights in the sky. Galuyasdi took one of the videos with his cell phone while the other video was filmed by his daughter, who also used her cell phone.

–via YouTube

It’s interesting to note that at no point in either video does anyone claim the lights are “UFOs” or are somehow related to “aliens.” Not even in the video descriptions. It’s pretty clear that they weren’t looking to say they had captured anything stranger than some unexplained lights in the sky.

Things got even more interesting when someone came forward with a non-ET explanation as to what had been filmed. And that person was the same guy who posted the video in the first place: galuyasdi. As one can read in the updated description to the videos, galuyasdi suggests the lights were the work of a local skydiving team, Start Skydiving, who had done a “Pyrotechnics Jump” that Friday night at nearby La Salle High School as part of their Homecoming. Galuyasdi even posted a link to the Start Skydiving website. And while there are no pictures of the actual jump, the site does have a photo showing the skydiving team at the La Salle Homecoming game, as well as a listing of all the people who participated in what is listed as the “La Salle Football vs. Moeller Demo.” That particular entry lists 3 people as “Pyro”, which would seem to correspond to the 3 mysterious lights seen in the UFO video.

–via YouTube

So there you have it; a possible Close Encounters sighting ending up being nothing more than a couple of parachutists playing with pyro. But as others have pointed out, kudos to galuyasdi for having the stones to actually step up and debunk his own video. If nothing else, it proves that some people still have morals and are not simply posting things online to in attempts to fool others.


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The links to the original YouTube videos are here and here.

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  1. Yeah, this happened a couple years ago too, but when they showed the video at our UFOlogy meeting…I said ‘Oh those look like the flying Elvises. No one had heard of them so I explained there were skydiving groups that went out at night with lights on their shoes, and one group a former manager of mine belonged to all dressed in Elvis costumes. I think they were a little annoyed that I had debunked the video, but were also glad that they now had an explanation.

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