Currently Scheduling for 2015: Don’t Delay!


It seems a bit odd to be talking Halloween in February, but since when have I done things the traditional way?

Anyway, I have begun scheduling appearances for both myself and The Ghosts of Ohio in 2015. I am currently in negotiations with over 30 locations and while few have yet to be officially booked, most are all but a done deal at this point. For obvious reasons, most are looking for presentations and/or appearances in October.

Standing Room Only–Oxford, OH 2013

My point is this: if you are even remotely considering scheduling  me for an event, especially for something in October, please reach out to me now! We can work out the details as we go along, but the longer you wait, the better the chance that someone is going to snatch the date you want out from under you. And that would make me sad.

If you remember, I made the decision to take last October off, which means there are a lot of hungry strange and spooky fans out there who can’t wait to see me and The Ghosts again. Plus, this year’s presentation will be filled with all-new videos, audio, and photos. Special guests are also planned and yes, I will even be bringing parts of the Strange & Spooky Museum on the road with me! And if that’s not enough, there’s a special announcement coming soon that is going to create quite the buzz through the Ohio paranormal community. In other words, shoot me an e-mail now and get something scheduled…or be sad later.


For more information about scheduling an event, please go here.

Curious to know where I’ve appeared in the past? Check this list out.




Didn’t I See You On…?


That’s probably the question I get asked most often, followed closely by “weren’t you the weird guy who…”? Some of my friends tell me it’s because I have “a familiar face”. Not sure what that means, although I have been told I have a face made for radio. Funny, right?

Me posing near one of my favorite “trippy” posters they created for my Wright-Patterson OSC presentation in 2014.

But in all honesty, I think it’s because people know I’m into strange and spooky stuff. So if something weird and/or spooky comes up, they naturally assume I had something to do with it. And I’m cool with that! Quite touching, to be honest.

Anyway, the whole thing got me thinking: what are all the different things I’ve been on over the years (medications excluded, of course). That’s what led to my creating a list of all the places you could have seen my ugly mug or heard my voice. The fact that the list can also be used as a promotional tool to show that I “get around” doesn’t hurt, either!

The night a bunch of “ghosts” decided to roll my booth at the 2009 Ohio Paranormal Convention in honor of my birthday

So have a peek at the list and see how many places you spotted me. The mighty, mighty list is available in the About section, above, or by clicking right here!