What To Expect This Saturday At The Anchorage

I’ve been getting lots of calls and texts, all asking what I’ll be doing this Saturday, September 3rd, at The Anchorage. The short answer is “lots of cool stuff,” but to give everyone a handy cheat sheet, I’ve attached a bit of a breakdown for you:

The large mansion that would become known as The Anchorage was built in 1859 by Douglas Putnam, the richest man in Marietta, Ohio. A series of tragedies plagued the house, residents came and went, and finally, nursing home patients spent their last hours with the walls of the mansion. Reportedly haunted since the early 1900s, Hidden Marietta allows people to investigate this historic mansion and see if they can capture evidence of souls that still linger within.

I investigated The Anchorage several years ago with my organization, The Ghosts Of Ohio. During the course of the investigation, I had an experience which, while subtle, led me to believe that I might have possibly had an encounter with one of the previous owners. So when the opportunity presented itself to feature The Anchorage in my latest book, Southern Ohio Legends & Lore, I jumped at the chance!

2:00 pm-4:00 pm
Meet & Greet / Book Signing–FREE
Swing on by The Anchorage (424 George Street, Marietta, OH 45750) and pick up a copy of my latest book, Southern Ohio Legends & Lore (or any of my others that might be missing from your collection) and let me sign it for you. If you’ve already got some of my books, bring those along and I’ll sign those. Heck, bring anything you want me to sign and I’ll do it! And whenever there’s a lull in the excitement, I’m more than happy to hang out and swap strange and spooky stories with you! More importantly, if you’ve never been to the Anchorage before, here’s your chance to step inside and admire its beauty and wonder. Plus, they have a killer curiosity shop for all your spooky needs!

7:00 pm–1:00 am
Ghost Hunt at The Anchorage-—Reserve ticket required before the event

Here’s where things get exciting.
Those of you who are lucky enough to score tickets will return to The Anchorage at 7:00 pm. There, you will be given a tour of the building and, if you twist my arm a bit, I might tell you all about my personal experience inside The Anchorage that led to my including it in Southern Ohio Legends & Lore.
Once that’s out of the way, you will be free to spend the next few hours ghost hunting inside The Anchorage. Feel free to bring your own ghost-hunting equipment or use some of Hidden Marietta’s, which they will have on hand. As for my role in the investigation portion, I’m not sure yet as this is something fairly new to me. But I have made it my goal to spend time investigating with each and every one of you…that is, if you’ll have me! After all, this is YOUR night!
Tickets for the ghost hunt are extremely limited and must be purchased before the hunt. Reserve your tickets here.

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