Beware the Tokoloshe!

I have a rather unique relationship with one of my co-workers, Jeremy. Sure, he’s a tremendously gifted artist, but I’d like to think that what made the two of us friends was our shared love for all things strange, bizarre, and just plain creepy. And since the United States is not Jeremy’s native country, he always had plenty of stories about creepy ghosts and weird monsters to share. Over the years, Jeremy and I have swapped stories about candy-stealing ghosts, vanishing soldiers, and shady governments creating their own monsters in hidden laboratories. But recently, Jeremy shared with me stories about a creature so bizarre that even I found myself a little creeped out by it: the tokoloshe.

According to this mini-documentary, the tokoloshe is some sort of weird, hairy creature that runs around South Africa, creating havoc. A tokoloshe can either be conjured up by a powerful witch doctor or else created by an unholy union between a human and a female animal. Once a tokoloshe is let loose, it will stop at nothing to destroy its intended target’s life. And I do mean stop at nothing.

Apparently, one of the tokoloshe’s ways of breaking up a marriage is to literally climb into bed with its female victim and have intercourse with them. Since the tokoloshe is said to be extremely well endowed, the woman will eventually find sex with her husband to be unsatisfying, causing the marriage to fall apart. Pretty twisted, huh?

As if the actions of the tokoloshe weren’t bizarre enough, the ritual required to rid oneself of the creature is truly mind-boggling. I won’t give away the ending of the documentary, but let’s just say the ritual includes gag-inducing smoke, stripping down for a bath, and a razor blade.

All things considered, the tokoloshe is one crazy beast!

If you missed the embedded link to the mini-documentary above, just follow the first link under this paragraph. The “dramatic reenactments” are well worth the 12:37 you’ll spend watching it. Keep in mind that there is some brief nudity (both human and tokoloshe) and some razor work that might make a few people wince a bit. But overall, it’s a video you will not soon forget!

VBS Special: Tokoloshe 

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