Tokoloshe Keeps Family From Watching Their Favorite Soap Opera


Of course, it might help if they at least turned the TV on –via Daily Sun

OK, this Tokoloshe has clearly gone too far!

According to the Daily Sun, a Tokoloshe is preventing a 54-year-old Limpopo woman and her family from watching their favorite soap, Generations: The Legacy. That’s because every night at 8:00 pm, just as they are sitting down to watch the show, a Tokoloshe knocks on the door, demanding entry to “satisfy his daily craving for sex.”

Once the Tokoloshe has gotten inside the house, he chases the woman “to the bedroom and has sex with her until midnight.” As for the other members of the household–a husband and several grandchildren–it’s unclear what they are doing during this 4-hour attack, but the one thing they are not doing is watching Generations: The Legacy.

“We have not watched the soapie in a very long time, thanks to this Tokoloshe”, the unidentified woman said. In fact, she goes on to say they haven’t seen an episode in months.

The result of all this is that the woman’s husband “is complaining” and the family has begun consulting with various clergy members to see how they may be able to rid themselves of the Tokoloshe…or at the very least, get him to change his calling hours.

Read the entire Daily Sun article here.


Sex-Crazed Tokoloshe Attacks South African College!


Apparently, when a Tokoloshe attacks, your choices are to scream and flee or climb onto the roof of the nearest building –Via the Daily Sun

It’s going to be hard for me to do a write-up on this without my wife thinking I’ve taken a second job as a porn writer, but here goes.

According to the Daily Sun, a sex-crazed Tokoloshe is running amuck at a small Phaphadi Village, so much so that female students are fleeing in droves. Calling the college a “house of horrors,” it is being reported that “as many as 78 pupils at the college complain of being sore and tired after the super-horny little man with the huge 4-5 abused them” (BTW, “4-5 is South African slang for “penis”, although I have no idea why).

The Daily Sun article then goes into great detail about the Tokoloshe’s exploits, which results in these amazing nuggets:

  • “Many of them (the students) claimed they were virgins when they came to the college but have since lost their virginity to the Tokoloshe.”
  • “The girls are tired of having sex every night with the short man and are looking for accommodations elsewhere in the village.”
  • One girl stated that when you wake up the morning after being attacked by the Tokoloshe, “your punani is not happy” and “it feels as if you have poured pepper on it.”

When reached for comment, the owner and director of the college disputed the claims and said the whole thing was “fabricated by those with a vendetta against me.”


If you’re just dying to get more graphic details about sex with a Tokoloshe, complete with multiple references to “5-6” and pepper-seasoned punani, you can read the entire article from The Daily Sun here.

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Family Living With “Crazy Tokoloshe From Hell”


Just in time for the holidays, a “crazy Tokoloshe from hell” has chosen to move in with a South African family.

But the Tokoloshe is just the latest in a string of bizarre incidents that have been plaguing Zanele Chamana and her family, who reside in Soweto’s Braamfischerville. It all began with the arrival of what Zanele calls a “giant rat.” The family chased it around the house, noting that the rat chose a rather strange way of trying to elude its human pursuers: “it ran into all the corners of the rooms”, Zanele told the Daily Sun. Eventually, the giant rat was able to give the family the slip and they retired for the evening, believing the whole ordeal was settled. The next morning, however, the family “found blood everywhere in the house.”

Zanele’s husband, Jerry Muronga, cleaned up all the blood. The next day, he was attacked and beaten at work and ended up losing his job. It was then that the family began to believe that was no ordinary giant rat and some sort of black magic was to blame.


But the giant rat and blood were just the beginning. The family was soon subjected to mysterious flooding in the home and even unexplained fires. A short time later, the family believes the Tokoloshe arrived. Late at night, they hear it running across their roof. It also makes appearances in their bedrooms at night, frequently targeting Zanele’s 21-year-old-daughter, Phindle. “I see a man walking around in my room and he comes and stands at my bed. That’s when I start sweating”, she said.

Recently, the family’s grandchildren have also reported seeing the Tokoloshe running around the house at night.

All this prompted the family to spend over R50000 (roughly $4,400.00) on everything from sangomas (South African “healers”) to prophets in an attempt to rid of the family of the Tokoloshe. As of this writing all attempts have failed.


A transcript from the Daily Sun article can be found here.

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Woman Claims Tokoloshe Has Ruined Her Sex Life


It’s been a while, but the Tokoloshe is back with a vengeance, ruining the sex lives of men and women everywhere!

In this instance, 28-year-old mother of two, Grace Baloyi, is claiming that the Tokoloshe’s continued sexual assaults have left her drained, tired, and cranky. “The Tokoloshe makes me impatient with every man who comes into my life”, she recently told a reporter.

Baloyi states that the Tokoloshe often has relations with her several times, “usually in the early hours”, although it has also been known to assault her when she tries to take naps during the day. “Sometimes I see it coming to my bedroom and taking off its belt”, she remarked.

When asked to describe the events, Baloyi simply stated “I wake up wet and tired.”

Baloyi believes the Tokloshe was sent to her “by jealous people who don’t want me to get married or have a stable relationship.”

You can read the entire news article here.

Tokoloshe Prank Video


For those of you still doubting the power of the Tokoloshe, check out this prank video. Filmed by a group calling themselves Theboys, the clip features two individuals approaching total strangers “in Africa” and telling them they’ve just spotted a Tokoloshe. After a brief conversation, a Tokloshe jumps out and frightens people away. Although in this video, the role of the Tokloshe is played by a wig with a plastic eyeball stuck to it.

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 11.28.55 AM

–via YouTube

So far, I’ve been unable to determine exactly where in Africa this video was recorded (and Theboys only list themselves as being “from Africa”). Regardless, I found the most telling part of the video to be when Theboys approach total strangers and tell them they’ve just seen a Tokoloshe. Not a single person asks what a Tokoloshe is, which would seem to prove that even if people in Africa don’t necessarily believe in the Tokoloshe, most of them are at least familiar with the creature.

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Family’s Tokoloshe Keeps Neighbors Awake


Even though it still remains, by far, the most popular search term by which people find my blog, things have been fairly quiet on the Tokoloshe front. That is, until now.

The Daily Sun reports that for some time now, a rather cranky Tokoloshe has been messing with members of the Phura family, who live in the South African township of Duduza.

Neighbors became suspicious when they started hearing the sounds of glass breaking coming from inside the Phura family home. Eventually, one curious neighbor, Sylvia Mahlangu, ventured inside the house and was shocked at what she saw. “The cupboard suddenly opened and cups and glasses started flying and floating in the air,” said Sylvia.


–via The Sun

Frightened for the family, concerned citizens began showing up at the Phura residence, offering assistance.Tayitayi Nzolo, a neighbor, tried to lend a hand by bringing some impepho, a plant used to help communicate and appease spirits, to the Phura home. Apparently, that did nothing more than piss the Tokoloshe off as it reportedly stabbed Nzolo “with an invisible object.”

At present time, it’s unclear exactly what the Tokoloshe is after or why it’s making such a ruckus. When reporters from the Daily Sun showed up in Duduza, members of the Phura family refused to speak with them. This angered some of the area residence as they believed the Tokoloshe wanted its story made public. However, when a neighbor, Mmathapelo Sigaza, began to speak with reporters, she suddenly fell to the ground, screaming out that the Tokoloshe was beating her on the shoulders.

However, there is one man who believes he knows something about the background of this particular Tokoloshe. He’s also the man with a name guaranteed to give editors nightmares; Inyanga Ntsimb’edlezinye Ngema. According to Inyanga Ntsimb’edlezinye Ngema (sorry, couldn’t resist making you guys read that name again), he believes the Tokoloshe might belong to someone who died and is now hungry. “The Tokoloshe is not getting its meat and is eating food in the house or from the stomachs of the residents,” he surmised.

Read the full story from the Daily Sun here.

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Woman Refuses To Bury Daughter– Believes She’s Still Alive & Being Held Prisoner By A Tokoloshe


For some reason, I always feel the need to begin every tokoloshe-related post I write with “just when you thought it couldn’t get any weirder.” This time, a mother is refusing to bury her daughter because she believes the girl is still alive and that her spirit is being held captive by a tokoloshe.

According to a report in the Daily Sun, 56-year-old Sibongile Shange has already postponed the funeral of her daughter, Zodwa Shange, twice and had left the girl’s body lying a mortuary for two weeks. Sibongile is convinced that her daughter isn’t really dead and has instead been put under some sport of spell that was placed upon her by a tokoloshe. As evidence of this, the mother points to the strange circumstances surrounding her daughter’s “death”.


As the mother describes things, 25-year-old Zodwa came home from work one afternoon and then realized that she had left her uneaten lunch on the bathroom counter at her workplace. Zodwa then phoned a co-worker, explained where she had left her lunch, and asked the co-worker to retrieve the food from the rest room and bring it to Zodwa. The co-worker complied, but when she arrived at the house, she told Zodwa and her mother that the lunch had not been on the bathroom counter, but rather “hidden behind a toilet seat”. At that point, Zodwa took a bottle of mineral water from the lunch bag and drank from it. Suddenly, Zodwa reacted violently “as if something had pushed her” and then collapsed. Zodwa’s mother noticed water oozing from her daughter’s mouth and surmised that “there was something wrong” with the mineral water.

Paramedics were summoned, but they were unable to revive Zodwa and pronounced her dead at the scene.

That night, Zodwa’s mother and fiance both became convinced that a tokoloshe was to blame. They believed that someone cast a spell on Zodwa’s lunch, which explains why the co-worker had found it in a spot other than where Zodwa left it. Further, Zodwa’s mother claims that when the girl drank the mineral water from the lunch, it released a tokoloshe, who pushed Zodwa down before taking over her body.

Zodwa’s family is attempting to find a way to chase off the tokoloshe, which they believe will result in Zodwa coming back to life. For that reason, they are refusing to respond to the funeral home’s pleas to bury Zodwa. So for now, the funeral home has been keeping the girl’s body locked up, but has hinted that if the family does not respond soon, they may be forced to dispose of the body themselves.


You can read the entire article about this bizarre case by clicking here.

Search The Web For “The Tokoloshe He Eat My Dog”


One of my favorite parts about owning this strange and spooky site is scrolling through all the search engine terms that people use to find it. For the most part, the words and terms are what you’d expect: “strange and spooky stuff”, “Tokoloshe”, “Weird Ohio”, etc. But every once in a while, a search term pops up that leaves me thinking “why would someone type that into a search engine…and how did they end up on my site after typing that?” And when I look at see that in some cases, more than one person has typed in that same exact phrase, well, that’s just crazy talk!

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This Tokoloshe Tastes OK, But It Could Use A Little Salt


For those of you who still scoff at the idea that there are people who truly believe in the Tokoloshe, consider this new product that has started popping up on shelves in South Africa: salt designed specifically to help you tame a Tokoloshe, even if that Tokoloshe is literally hiding out inside you.


–from Mahala

According to South Africa’s News24, this Tokoloshe Salt is not really new. It popped up in the 1950s and was said to be able to not only help you ward off a Tokoloshe attack by simply hurling the salt at the creature, but that by ingesting just a small portion of the salt, you could control a Tokoloshe that might be lurking inside your very body. The salt was very popular for a short period of time, so much so that it was available in a variety of colors. Its popularity waned, though, to the point where potential buyers would only occasionally come across a dusty bag of it sitting on a shelf.

All that has changed in recent times, however, with reports of Tokoloshe Salt once again being in high demand. Shopkeepers have reported not only more and more people asking for it, but also their ordering more stock in order to keep up with that demand.

This all leads to one conclusion: real or not, there are certainly a lot of people out there who believe in the power of the Tokoloshe.

You can read the full News24 article on the Tokoloshe Salt by clicking here.

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Tokoloshe Goes Viral…To Promote A Web Site


The tokoloshe mythos took a bizarre turn recently, beginning with a video posted to YouTube, showing a South African couple being interviewed by a television reporter. In the segment, the male homeowner described how a tokoloshe has been repeatedly breaking into his home and generally creating chaos. It had gotten to the point where the homeowners were thinking about moving. But all was not what it seemed to be.

But before we get into the big reveal about the truth behind the video, let’s take a closer look at some of the highs and lows of the clip.

After a brief introduction by an unnamed news reporter, we are introduced to South African Albert Dlomo, a homeowner whose house has recently come under siege by a tokoloshe.

Meet frazzled homeowner Albert Dlomo (via YouTube)

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