ONW Special Report: Arrest of the Ohio Cleaning Fairy

–From the ONW (Ohio News of the Weird) News Desk

Last week, Westlake, Ohio resident Sherry Owens returned home to find her husband’s dirty coffee cups all washed up,  a vacuumed carpet, and all the garbage taken out. There was also a bill for $75 from the cleaning woman. But there was a problem. You see, Sherry Owens doesn’t have a cleaning lady. On top of that, the $75 bill was written on a napkin. When Owens noticed the cleaning woman had left her name and phone number on the bottom of the invoice/napkin, she decided to give the number a call to see  if there had been some mixup…or if this was just some sort of weird prank.

Homeowner Sherry Owens, apparently pointing out what $75 from an unwanted cleaning woman will get you.
Via nbc-2.com

Turns out Owens was wrong on both accounts. When called, the cleaning woman, who identified herself as Sue Warren, not only stated she had indeed cleaned the Owens residence, but that she does this sort of thing “all the time.” When pressed, Warren said “I just stop and clean your house.” After she hung up with Warren, Owens’ next call was to the local police, who, although nothing appeared to have been taking from the residence, promptly arrested Warren and charged her with burglary.

On Thursday, May 31st, Warren pled not guilty and is currently being held  on $5000.00 bond.

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