ONW Special Report: Taco Loco

–From the ONW (Ohio News of the Weird) News Desk

In the early morning hours of May 29th, 2012, 23-year-old Michael Smith pulled away from the Huber Heights, Ohio Taco Bell drive-thru, having just completed his order…or so he thought.

Apparently, Taco Bell employees had inadvertently left a soft taco off of Smith’s order. Seeing this, Smith did what anyone in this situation would do; he drove his truck through the glass front of the restaurant and then drove calmly away. Police arrived soon after and were able to track Smith to his home by following the trail of fluids leaking from his truck. He was arrested and charged with felony vandalism.

via the New York Daily News

In a press release, police stated that Smith admitted driving his truck into the building because “he did not get one of the tacos he ordered.”

For the full story, visit the New York Daily News.

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