ONW Special Report: How To Name An Akron Octopus

On Monday, June 25th, 2012, while digital cameras flashed and cameras rolled, a 20-pound female octopus at the Akron Zoo gave herself a new name: Cora.

Amazingly, an octopus in captivity choose their name in exactly the same manner as they do in the wild: by selecting a random, shrimp-laced Wiffle Ball.

A media frenzy erupts as the then-unnamed octopus begins the strenuous task of choosing a name.
–photo by Michael Chritton/Akron Beacon Journal

There were in fact two other names/Wiffle Balls that could have been selected: Octavia and Scarlet. But for reasons known only to her, the octopus went right for the Wiffle Ball marked “Cora”, immediately sparking rumors that the whole thing was rigged. As of this writing, Vegas bookies had no comment.

Rigged or not, Zoo patrons who said she would pick “Cora” will now have their names entered into a random drawing. Winners will receive, among other things, an Octopus Prize Pack. No word yet if said prize pack will include a Wiffle Ball that smells like shrimp.


View the Akron Beacon Journal‘s full story, complete with video of the name-picking process, here.

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