All Strange & Spooky Museum Images Now Available In High Resolution

For your viewing pleasure, all of the images in The Strange and Spooky Museum can now be viewed in high resolution. Just hover over the image of your choice, wait for the Bony Finger to appear, then give it a click. The image will open up in a new window, where you can zoom to your heart’s content!

Why don’t you give it a try now? Below is one of the most popular additions to the Entertainment wing of The Museum: The Haunted eBay Painting. Go ahead and click on the painting to open it in a new window, then click on it again to zoom in, where you’ll be able to see all sorts of creepy little hands hidden in the glass panes.

hands resist him

You can access The Strange and Spooky Museum by hovering over The Museum link at the top of this page or just click here to begin your journey!

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