ONW: Holy Sh*t!

When dealing with the strange and spooky, one thing’s for certain: you will never, ever, ever be able to say “well, I’ve seen it all.” Case in point, just when I thought I’d heard of every possible place for people to claim they have seen the image of Jesus Christ, along comes Jim Lawry from Northeast Ohio, claiming he can see Christ’s image in a hunk of bird poop on his car windshield.

Just your average hunk o' bird poop. Or is it?
Just your average hunk o’ bird poop. Or is it?  — from NewsNet5

Seems that Lawry was visiting his parents in Brooklyn, Ohio, when he noticed a large splat on the front windshield of his car. It looked like your average, ordinary chunk of bird poop…that is, until Lawry looked at it from inside the car and saw that he took to be the face of Jesus Christ staring back at him.

Behold! The face of Poopy Jesus…or Poopy Wolfman…or Poopy Dog Man…or something. –From NewsNet5

Lawry said that his son, parents, and friends all came out to see for themselves and were all “amazed”. I’m sure they were.

Look, I’m not saying that it’s not the image of Jesus Christ we’re looking at. I just don’t understand why JC would choose to make an appearance in a wad of bird poop. Put it this way: Jesus is a very busy man. And between trying to figure out that whole World Peace issue, inventing new species of animals for us humans to discover, and personally blessing every touchdown catch, I don’t see how he’s got much free time to make an appearance in bird feces. So why would be feel the need to show up on some guy’s windshield…in poop? Sure, I guess you could say that since it’s getting news coverage, he’s getting the word out that “Jesus is everywhere”. I just think, I don’t know, that if Jesus was trying to make a point, he’d show up in something that would make more of a splash. Like making an appearance in Donald Trump’s hair or maybe a cameo on The Walking Dead. Now that would make people take notice. But bird poop? Not so much.

Oh yeah, and before you conspiracy theorists get any ideas, that is not the back of Ol’ Blue in the second picture!

You can read the full article on the NewsNet5 site.

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  1. Check out Vassula Ryden and her automatic writing from Christ. Even the Orthodox church retracted its original consideration and backs her now. She has 20 some books i believe. Ive read several. The visions of the children of Medjugorie is also very intriguing. They have old videos on it and books.

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