ONW: Workers Discover Goldfish In Ohio Nuclear Power Plant Tunnel


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You would think just the fact that goldfish were discovered inside an underground tunnel beneath a nuclear power plant would be weird enough, right? But there’s more.

Apparently, workers at the Perry Nuclear Power Plant were dismantling scaffolding in a portion of tunnel normally off-limits when they discovered two goldfish swimming around inside a “juice pitcher” that had been left in the secure area. The reactor had been shut down for routine maintenance, so the fish did not post a safety concern. Still,  Jennifer Young, a spokeswoman for FirstEnergy Corp., felt the need to state the obvious to the Associated Press:  “This is not behavior that’s acceptable.” Young also hinted that officials might be reviewing security tapes from the area to see if they can identify the person or persons who left the fish and how they managed to get inside the secure area. As for why they might have chosen to leave a pair of goldfish swimming around inside a juice pitcher, that answer might only come to light after years of therapy.

Perry Nuclear Power Plant, Circa 2005
AP File Photo / Mark Duncan

Concerning the goldfish themselves, they have both since died, although a spokesperson said it was more than likely from “lack of care” rather than (get this) the fact that the fish “were swimming in reactor water.” Tests run on the fish found that they had only slightly detectable radiation levels. No word yet how many eyes each goldfish had or if they were related to everyone’s favorite nuclear power plant fish. Blinky. So far, both fish have only being described as “the type won at a carnival”.


You can read the entire article from the Columbus Dispatch by clicking here.

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