ONW And The Cleveland Kidnap Case

It has only been a few days since this whole Cleveland Kidnap story broke and my inbox is already filled with people asking when I’m going to cover it for my Ohio News of the Weird. Long story short, for the most part I will not be covering the case.

The reason for this is that I developed ONW to cover Ohio-based news stories that were offbeat, weird, and perhaps a bit silly. If there was a paranormal angle to it, all the better. But by and large, the stories associated with ONW are written a bit tongue in cheek or with a sarcastic tone. Based on the news coming out of Cleveland, this case is simply too dark and depressing for ONW. Like most of us, I will be following the case on the local news and watching as it all unfolds. It just doesn’t seem appropriate to cover it here at ONW.

But that doesn’t mean I won’t be covering certain aspects of the case at ONW. Case in point, there’s a story breaking about a well-known psychic who, almost a decade ago, went on national television and made some rather bold (and incorrect) statements about the case. So stay tuned!

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