Family’s Tokoloshe Keeps Neighbors Awake

Even though it still remains, by far, the most popular search term by which people find my blog, things have been fairly quiet on the Tokoloshe front. That is, until now.

The Daily Sun reports that for some time now, a rather cranky Tokoloshe has been messing with members of the Phura family, who live in the South African township of Duduza.

Neighbors became suspicious when they started hearing the sounds of glass breaking coming from inside the Phura family home. Eventually, one curious neighbor, Sylvia Mahlangu, ventured inside the house and was shocked at what she saw. “The cupboard suddenly opened and cups and glasses started flying and floating in the air,” said Sylvia.

–via The Sun

Frightened for the family, concerned citizens began showing up at the Phura residence, offering assistance.Tayitayi Nzolo, a neighbor, tried to lend a hand by bringing some impepho, a plant used to help communicate and appease spirits, to the Phura home. Apparently, that did nothing more than piss the Tokoloshe off as it reportedly stabbed Nzolo “with an invisible object.”

At present time, it’s unclear exactly what the Tokoloshe is after or why it’s making such a ruckus. When reporters from the Daily Sun showed up in Duduza, members of the Phura family refused to speak with them. This angered some of the area residence as they believed the Tokoloshe wanted its story made public. However, when a neighbor, Mmathapelo Sigaza, began to speak with reporters, she suddenly fell to the ground, screaming out that the Tokoloshe was beating her on the shoulders.

However, there is one man who believes he knows something about the background of this particular Tokoloshe. He’s also the man with a name guaranteed to give editors nightmares; Inyanga Ntsimb’edlezinye Ngema. According to Inyanga Ntsimb’edlezinye Ngema (sorry, couldn’t resist making you guys read that name again), he believes the Tokoloshe might belong to someone who died and is now hungry. “The Tokoloshe is not getting its meat and is eating food in the house or from the stomachs of the residents,” he surmised.

Read the full story from the Daily Sun here.

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