Tokoloshe Prank Video

For those of you still doubting the power of the Tokoloshe, check out this prank video. Filmed by a group calling themselves Theboys, the clip features two individuals approaching total strangers “in Africa” and telling them they’ve just spotted a Tokoloshe. After a brief conversation, a Tokloshe jumps out and frightens people away. Although in this video, the role of the Tokloshe is played by a wig with a plastic eyeball stuck to it.

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 11.28.55 AM
–via YouTube

So far, I’ve been unable to determine exactly where in Africa this video was recorded (and Theboys only list themselves as being “from Africa”). Regardless, I found the most telling part of the video to be when Theboys approach total strangers and tell them they’ve just seen a Tokoloshe. Not a single person asks what a Tokoloshe is, which would seem to prove that even if people in Africa don’t necessarily believe in the Tokoloshe, most of them are at least familiar with the creature.

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