UFO Reported Over Toledo, Ohio

Last week, someone spotted something weird in the skies over Toledo, Ohio. So weird that he reported it to the Mutual UFO Network, MUFON, who promptly assigned it an official case number.

According to MUFON Case #61353, the male witness was traveling south on 475. As he approached the underpass for the Ohio Turnpike, he noticed an object “about the size of a Lear jet” in the sky, flying over the roadway, roughly 150 feet off the ground.

As the object crossed the road, the witness was able to get a good look at it and described it as having “three white lights – one at each end and one in middle – about 5 to 8 feet above the others. It did not have any strobe lights and did not make any sound that I could hear.”

The witness further described the body of the UFO as appearing “to be a rectangular panel of solid, bright, red lights made up of 6 to 8 smaller panels butted together.”

After crossing the roadway, the object continued in an easterly direction, where the witness eventually lost sight of it.

Area of reported UFO sighting — via OpenMinds

Right now, there’s a little bit of “chicken and egg” going on with regard to the reporting. As of this writing, the report appears on two different web sites: OpenMinds and MUFON. Now, you would think of the two, the more thorough report would be on the MUFON site. After all, MUFON gave the sighting its own official case number and everything. But you’d be wrong. For aside from having very little information, the MUFON article points you to the OpenMinds article should you wish to “read more.” As for the OpenMinds article, it doesn’t add much in the way of additional information and, you guessed it, directs you back to the MUFON site.

It’s also a little confusing as the headline for both posts say the UFO moved  “150 feet over” the Ohio Turnpike, which, all things considered, is not really that impressive. But since the body of both articles mention that the UFO was spotted moving “under 150 feet” and state that this was how low to the ground the UFO was when it was seen,  I think we can safely say the headlines are just a little confused. Still, since these are the initial reports, you’d think the reporter would want to clean those headlines up ASAP.

More as it develops.


You can read the MUFON report here.

The OpenMinds report can be found here.

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