Mysterious “Booms” Over Dayton, Ohio, Remain A Mystery

Around 7:00 pm on Sunday, November 16th, three “earth-shaking booms” were heard around Dayton, Ohio. Not only in the Dayton area, but across most of Montgomery county and even neighboring Warren county.

Reports seemed to be centered around Montgomery County (highlighted in red) — via Wikipedia

As reported by WHIO, local authorities, including fire and police, reported receiving calls from numerous people, all claiming to have heard the noises. Some claim the noises were so loud, they caused their houses to shake.

Most people, including yours truly, would chalk the noises up to sonic booms coming from nearby Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. However, a check with Base personnel revealed that “no aircraft were flying in the area that could have caused a sonic boom by breaking the sound barrier”.

Local utility companies did not report any abnormal activity or outages, either, leaving authorities scratching their heads as to the cause of the mysterious sounds.

So what of it, my Dayton-area readers: did you hear anything strange & spooky on the night of November 16th? If you did, tell us about it!


WHIO’s news report on the unexplained booms can be accessed here.



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