Family Living With “Crazy Tokoloshe From Hell”

Just in time for the holidays, a “crazy Tokoloshe from hell” has chosen to move in with a South African family.

But the Tokoloshe is just the latest in a string of bizarre incidents that have been plaguing Zanele Chamana and her family, who reside in Soweto’s Braamfischerville. It all began with the arrival of what Zanele calls a “giant rat.” The family chased it around the house, noting that the rat chose a rather strange way of trying to elude its human pursuers: “it ran into all the corners of the rooms”, Zanele told the Daily Sun. Eventually, the giant rat was able to give the family the slip and they retired for the evening, believing the whole ordeal was settled. The next morning, however, the family “found blood everywhere in the house.”

Zanele’s husband, Jerry Muronga, cleaned up all the blood. The next day, he was attacked and beaten at work and ended up losing his job. It was then that the family began to believe that was no ordinary giant rat and some sort of black magic was to blame.


But the giant rat and blood were just the beginning. The family was soon subjected to mysterious flooding in the home and even unexplained fires. A short time later, the family believes the Tokoloshe arrived. Late at night, they hear it running across their roof. It also makes appearances in their bedrooms at night, frequently targeting Zanele’s 21-year-old-daughter, Phindle. “I see a man walking around in my room and he comes and stands at my bed. That’s when I start sweating”, she said.

Recently, the family’s grandchildren have also reported seeing the Tokoloshe running around the house at night.

All this prompted the family to spend over R50000 (roughly $4,400.00) on everything from sangomas (South African “healers”) to prophets in an attempt to rid of the family of the Tokoloshe. As of this writing all attempts have failed.


A transcript from the Daily Sun article can be found here.

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