“Akron Pooper” Still At Large

And now for something all Ohioans can be proud of: The Akron Pooper has made national news. Perhaps more importantly, people across this great nation of ours are questioning why he hasn’t been caught yet.

Although several weeks have passed since the story (and lovely photo) of the Akron Pooper went viral, The Smoking Gun is reporting that while Akron Police  “have received multiple tips on the pooper”, they have not identified the suspect and no charges have been filed” (and for the record, yes, I am sitting here, giggling softly to myself, over the fact that I just typed the words “received multiple tips on the pooper.”).

The Akron Pooper: His family must be so proud –via newsnet5.com

The article also mentions that since the story and photo first broke on March 10th, there have been “no additional public defecations” reported in the Akron area, possibly suggesting that the Pooper has gone into hiding…or perhaps he just cut back on the Fiber One bars.

Still, residents of the Castle Homes neighborhood, where the Pooper has struck most often, have begun posting updates to their Facebook page in an attempt to catch this guy. Oh yeah, and they’ve also given him a new moniker: The Castle Homes Crapper. 

To be totally serious for a moment, I do find it hard to believe that even with such a clear picture of his face, along with the fact that he’s apparently been doing this for years in the same area, he’s yet to be identified. 


Read the entire article from The Smoking Gun here.

Check out the original story on the Pooper here.

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