Tokoloshe Keeps Family From Watching Their Favorite Soap Opera

Of course, it might help if they at least turned the TV on –via Daily Sun

OK, this Tokoloshe has clearly gone too far!

According to the Daily Sun, a Tokoloshe is preventing a 54-year-old Limpopo woman and her family from watching their favorite soap, Generations: The Legacy. That’s because every night at 8:00 pm, just as they are sitting down to watch the show, a Tokoloshe knocks on the door, demanding entry to “satisfy his daily craving for sex.”

Once the Tokoloshe has gotten inside the house, he chases the woman “to the bedroom and has sex with her until midnight.” As for the other members of the household–a husband and several grandchildren–it’s unclear what they are doing during this 4-hour attack, but the one thing they are not doing is watching Generations: The Legacy.

“We have not watched the soapie in a very long time, thanks to this Tokoloshe”, the unidentified woman said. In fact, she goes on to say they haven’t seen an episode in months.

The result of all this is that the woman’s husband “is complaining” and the family has begun consulting with various clergy members to see how they may be able to rid themselves of the Tokoloshe…or at the very least, get him to change his calling hours.

Read the entire Daily Sun article here.

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