Screaming Bridge Added to Ohio Crybaby Bridge Project

As we wind our way towards the last entry in the Ohio Crybaby Bridge Project, at least as far as adding all the known locations (in alphabetical order) goes, they start to get a little weirder. Case in point, the latest entry: The Screaming Bridge.

For me, what makes The Screaming Bridge so fascinating is that while ghost storied and urban legends have been swirling around this location for decades, the “crybaby” aspect is fairly new. In fact, I almost didn’t include it in the database because the vast majority of the legends and stories I have accumulated over the years have to do with hearing ghostly screams from adults. No babies crying. But since there seems to be crybaby bridge elements being added to the story as we speak, I decided to add it.

So what do you think? Does The Screaming Bridge deserve to be called a Crybaby Bridge? Better yet, if you’ve heard stories about why this particular bridge is supposed to be haunted by a crying/screaming baby, drop me a line and tell me all about it!

And with that, you’re one simple click away from having the secrets of The Screaming Bridge revealed to you. As always, if this is the your first venture into the Ohio Crybaby Bridge Project, you might want to also visit the Project’s home page to get yourself acquainted with all the strange and spooky stuff it has to offer!

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