Tindall Bridge Added to Ohio Crybaby Bridge Project

Well, we are approaching the end of the alphabetical list of all known alleged Crybaby Bridges in Ohio–only one more to go after this! No worries, though; the Project isn’t going anywhere. In fact, you could say it’s going to be evolving with the addition of new personal experiences, new photos, and even an exploration of the top Crybaby Bridges in America. But more on that later. Let’s chat a bit about Tindall Bridge.

Even since I moved to Ohio in 1999, I’ve been intrigued with Tindall Bridge, especially regarding the tales that claim it’s a Crybaby Bridge. Certainly looks like one, doesn’t it? But when you start digging into the stories, you’ll find that while many people will tell you the bridge is haunted, the origin stories are incredibly vague and most don’t involve a baby.

So what did I find out? Well, find out for yourself right here.

Quick reminder: If this is the your first visit to a page associated with the Ohio Crybaby Bridge Project, you’ve got a little catching up to do! So you might want to visit the Project’s home page, where there’s a whole slew of Crybaby Bridges waiting to be explored!

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