Strange & Spooky Tour Season is Upon Us

The dates have been set, the audio and video have been uploaded, and the car’s been packed. It’s time.

Time for the biggest and longest Strange & Spooky Tour to begin! And this year, I’m not stopping on October 31st–I’m running straight on through the middle of December!

Honestly, I can’t remember at the last time I crammed as many presentations into one season. We’ve expanded out from just libraries, too, including large theaters, a winery, and even a convention center.

Added some new presentation topics, too, most notably one focusing specifically on the Amityville Horror. Of course, there’s one about my latest book, Southern Ohio Legends & Lore, too.

And if you’ve seen some of my “standard” presentations before–Ohio’s Historic Haunts, Meet The Ghosts Of Ohio–know that each year, I refresh those, adding in new and updated content. Sure, some of the really creepy content remains, but that just means you can bring some friends and watch them squirm when I tell a story you’ve heard before!

Follow this link to get to the full list of all my upcoming appearances and presentations. Hope to see you all out there on the strange & spooky road soon!

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