Search The Web For “The Tokoloshe He Eat My Dog”

One of my favorite parts about owning this strange and spooky site is scrolling through all the search engine terms that people use to find it. For the most part, the words and terms are what you’d expect: “strange and spooky stuff”, “Tokoloshe”, “Weird Ohio”, etc. But every once in a while, a search term pops up that leaves me thinking “why would someone type that into a search engine…and how did they end up on my site after typing that?” And when I look at see that in some cases, more than one person has typed in that same exact phrase, well, that’s just crazy talk!

So just to give everyone a glimpse behind the curtain of my Strange & Spooky World, here’s a little Top 10 List for you. Enjoy! ANd BTW, they appear on this list exactly how my search engine stats gave them to me, so don’t yell at me for grammatical mistakes (this time).

Top 10 Weird Things People Typed Into A Search Engine And Ended Up On My Web Site

10.  Tokoloshe recipe

9.  McDonalds billboard exit

8. How does my dad use a bee smoker–I give up. How does your dad use a bee smoker?

7.  Why is james a willis so weird–my family has been asking the same question for years.

6.  Really spooky shit

5.  Is my wife sleeping with a tokoloshe

4.  James a willis is a conspiracy theory–you know, I always knew I read and wrote about conspiracy theories. I just never realized I was one, too!

3.  Spooky pink willis–I was actually going to Google “spooky pink willis” just to see what it was, but I figured I should wait until the wife and kid aren’t around, just in case.

2.  I am a pissing bandit–sounds more like you’re bragging than doing a Web search, buddy.

And the number one weird thing people typed into a search engine and ended up on my web site:

1. The tokoloshe he eat my dog

So there you have it! And now, just for fun, I am going to tag this page with all 10 phrases just to see if people continue to search for them. I’ll keep you posted.

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