Sidney Added to Ohio Crybaby Bridge Project

Hard to believe, but with the addition of Sidney’s Crybaby Bridge, we’ve entered the Final Four of the Ohio Crybaby Bridge Project, alphabetically speaking that is!

In many ways, the Sidney Crybaby Bridge epitomizes why I am so fascinated with the whole Crybaby Bridge urban legend: Nothing makes sense. There’s hardly any specifics about what, if anything, happened on this bridge that would lead it to become haunted. The location of the bridge itself is also open to debate. And yes, none of that has stopped at least six different versions of the Crybaby Bridge legend being attached to the bridge. Proving once and for all my belief that good urban legends never die…they just mutate every 2-3 years!

So what sayeth you? Ever heard of the Sidney Crybaby Bridge? And if you have, what version have you heard? Better yet, where do you think the “real” bridge is? Inquiring minds want to know!

OK, off you go: Give this a click and check out the Sidney Crybaby Bridge. Oh yeah, and as always, if this is the your first venture into the Ohio Crybaby Bridge Project, you might want to also visit the Project’s home page to get yourself acquainted with all the strange and spooky stuff it has to offer!

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